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Lunch deal

Bread, dips, starter, main and a glass of a soft drink

A choice of a starter

Soup of the day
Tomato salad

Selection of tomatoes, garlic confit, semi hard-boiled egg and toasted bread

Green salad

Green leaves, cherry tomatoes, radishes, red onions, cucumber, citrus vinaigrette

Lamb cigar

Local lamb meat with baharat spices, served with tahini and hot salsa

Warm freekeh salad

Green wheat with spice herbs and lemon, served with tahini

Chopped liver, crispy onions and pickles
Salmon bruschetta )+10(

Bruschetta with raw salmon cuts, cherry tomatoes, capers and celery, spice herb aioli and semi hard-boiled egg

Beef fillet carpaccio (+15)

Thin slices of beef fillet, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, crispy garlic and Brazil nuts

Tuna tartar (+20)

Red onions, capers, coriander and avocado

85 NIS

Freekeh salad and scorched vegetables

Smoked green wheat with spice herbs, tahini, date honey and cranberries

Chicken breast schnitzel and puree
Supreme chicken breast

With verde salsa

Artichoke linguine

Pasta and roasted artichoke, cherry tomato confit, kalamata olives and chili

95 NIS

Corned beef sandwich

Rye bread, vegetables and mustard aioli

Classic burger

100% local beef meat hamburger, made on the premises and served with fries

Chicken liver

Fried onions, portobello mushrooms, in red wine sauce and beef stock, served with potato puree

Bolognese linguine

Pasta with slow cooked meat stew, root vegetables and red wine

Red tuna nicoise salad

Roman lettuce hearts, green beans, potatoes, red onions, soft-boiled egg and scorched tuna

105 NIS

Entrecote sandwich

Thinly sliced entrecote, spice herb aioli, fried onions and vegetables, served with fries

KAZAN burger

Hamburger and portobello mushroom, truffle aioli, goose breast and a sunny-side-up, served with fries

Lamb burger

Hamburger with roasted eggplant and tomato, tahini and roasted pistachios, served with fries

Lamb kebab

Served over a bed of tahini and chickpeas

Spring chicken steak

With roasted eggplant, harissa and tahini

Scorched salmon fillet

Served with green vegetables and white wine

Spring chicken linguine

Cherry tomatoes, garlic confit and fresh oregano

Entrecote skewer (+15)

In red wine sauce

Beef fillet pappardelle (+15)

Pasta with beef fillet cuts, mushrooms and cherry tomato-garlic confit

Rossini burger (+30)

Hamburger with goose liver in red wine sauce and beef stock

Sea bass fillet (+40)

Served with tomatoes, kalamata olives, capers and white wine

Entrecote steak 300 gram (+40)


Soda drink
Sorbet and fruits
18 NIS
House wine
25 NIS
25 NIS

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